​Miracle of love

When you open your mind

You'll discover the sign

That there's something

You're longing to find

The miracle of love

Will take away your pain

When the miracle of love

Comes your way again.

Tram and Thanh weren’t sure when exactly love happened or started because they both didn’t recognize each other for a whole year long. It is their love which is magical when finally be found after years of hiding somewhere, then appeared out of the blue and grabbed them.

That is the reason why Orange Blossom Team love to incorporate layers in the design concept for Tram & Thanh’s best day, which illustrates the time by time unveiling of love. And there is no other way to express that feeling as gracefully as curves line, the mix of pastel colors and reflective materials.

​Trâm & Thanh's wedding

Concept, Design, Decoration by Orange Blossom Wedding Planner

Floral design: Hoa Cam

Venue: Adora Center

Photography: MOVE Studio

Tel: +84 90 765 1037 / +84 909 095 935

​Email: contact@orangeblossom.wedding


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